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Year of Living Dangerously

By Marney Blom “Are you sure it is safe to go into Bethlehem?” read the desperate early morning whatsapp message from my Arab Israeli assistant, to which she had attached a menacing image of a black and white keffiyeh-clad Palestinian Arab swinging a smoking molotov cocktail. Following President Trump’s announcement of US recognition of Jerusalem […]

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Jesus Returns to Bethlehem

After Trump’s announcement of US intentions to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel riots and protests broke out in the streets of Bethlehem. In the midst of the pain and turmoil the next generation of Palestinian Arabs – thousands of them – are hearing the message of true and lasting peace through the Christmas story. Jesus is appearing to many Palestinians in their dreams. Video story.

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Marching to Zion

During the colourful yearly Jerusalem March thousands of enthusiastic Christians from around the globe paraded through the streets of Jerusalem to display solidarity with the State of Israel. To view click VIDEO. To read related article click PRINT below.

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Thank You David

By Marney Blom I clearly remember the day I first walked onto the brightly lit 100 Huntley Street set. It was early March 1993 and I was about to meet a man I had watched on TV since the 1970s.  Newly hired as the development producer of Crossroads Christian Communications (CCCI), I was on a tour of […]

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Archaeology: David’s Israel made room for God

3,000-year-old artifacts dating back to King David’s reign were uncovered in the Valley of Elah – the place where David slew Goliath. Objects not only confirm biblical accounts of Israelite worship but shed new light on obscure biblical terminology describing the temple of King Solomon and Ezekiel’s vision.

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They attacked my bus today …

By Marney Blom When I got on bus 78 this morning – sometimes taking the bus is faster than driving in Jerusalem – it was unusually packed with people.  It actually crossed my mind, “Terrorists would have a ‘hey day’ in this bus, with so many people cramped together – such easy targets.”   Because […]

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Life on the edge …

By Marney Blom Working at my desk in my office seventeen stories above the heart of Jerusalem, I was again distracted by the shrill of a continual stream of sirens.  The police force in Jerusalem are very busy these days. Word has just came in that an officer was stabbed on Ammunition hill – a community […]

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Now Tel Aviv?

By Marney Blom For the first time since the Gulf War an air-raid siren sounded in Tel Aviv yesterday.  Residents of Israel’s largest metropolitan area – with an estimated population of 1.3-million people – ran to bomb shelters and protected spaces,  safe areas that haven’t been in use for more than 20 years. Deadly projectiles […]

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Victory dance

By Marney Blom Tens of thousands of young Israelis danced through the streets of Jerusalem bearing banners and Israeli flags in celebration of the reunification of east and west Jerusalem. Timed to coordinate with Jerusalem Day, the sea of jubilant youth expressed the hope of Israel – that the capital of Israel would continue to […]

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Relics of the resurrection?

By Marney Blom 2000 years after Jesus’ resurrection was first reported, the ancient city of Jerusalem is still buzzing with the story – particularly during the Easter season. For thousands of Christians visiting Israel last week, ground zero was the Garden Tomb, a large stone burial chamber located meters away from the “Golgotha” cliff, and […]

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Securing the southern border

By Marney Blom The infiltration of terrorists from the Sinai peninsula into southern Israel August 2011 resulted in eight Israeli deaths. Since then Israeli defense has been aggressive in its efforts to guard it’s southern border from illegal infiltrators and terrorists, the smuggling of weapons and drugs, and the trafficking of women. I have just […]

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To strike or not to strike Iran


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Imagine …

By Marney Blom You’re vacationing in a nation bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the question comes to mind, “Could we get hit by a missile?”  With over 330 rockets fired into Israel from Gaza in 2012, what was posed by my Canadian friend, a first-time visitor to Israel was not completely out of the question […]

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Haman who?

By Marney Blom The attention of the world may be fixed on the AIPAC speeches and the ongoing dialogue of world leaders regarding the Iranian nuclear threat, but the mood on the street in Israel is surprisingly lighthearted. By the number of mini mouse, Queen Esther and spiderman costume-clad Israelis, the threat of nuclear war doesn’t […]

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Arctic chill warms hearts

By Marney Blom On the heals of a visit by the Inuit peoples of the Canadian and Greenland Arctic, dozens of ice sculptors from northern  China are in town creating an indoor fantasy world of ice. Expected to draw a quarter of a million visitors, the International Ice Festival of Jerusalem features a skating rink, […]

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