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Jesus Returns to Bethlehem

After Trump’s announcement of US intentions to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel riots and protests broke out in the streets of Bethlehem. In the midst of the pain and turmoil the next generation of Palestinian Arabs – thousands of them – are hearing the message of true and lasting peace through the Christmas story. Jesus is appearing to many Palestinians in their dreams. Video story.

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World: Intercessors rise up against witches attacking Trump

There is a worldwide call for witches to cast a spell harming Donald Trump at the stroke of midnight on waning crescent moon ritual days.

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Israel: Israeli leaders congratulate Donald Trump

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement and Israelis on both sides of the political spectrum congratulated the president-elect.

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USA: Donald Trump thanks Christians, asks for prayer

“James, surround me with [prayers]! Surround me! And don’t ever let me forget it.” — Donald Trump to James Robison.

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