Media Distributors

Acts News Network, Inc (ANN) is an independent Canadian Christian news
organization that produces TV, radio, internet and print news stories for and for global distribution to media outlets.

ANN has a two-fold mandate:

1) To increase the depth and insight of the public’s awareness of the events
of the times in which we live, via news reports and commentary grounded in facts and biblical

2) To serve media outlets with high-quality video, audio and print news stories
for broader international news distribution. Acts News Network stories are shot
in high definition, edited in Jerusalem and can be transmitted digitally.

Visit ANN’s archived stories to see the range and depth of our news reports.

We look forward to building a relationship with you and conversing about how we
can best serve you.

Email us at if you represent a media
organization and are interested in using ANN stories. Please include the
following information:

– media organization’s name and web address
– contact information: postal and email addresses and telephone number
– preferred media format (i.e., TV, radio, print, web)

Please include a brief synopsis of your news organization, including your history,
foundations and mission statement.

Marney Blom
News Director

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