Year of Living Dangerously

By Marney Blom “Are you sure it is safe to go into Bethlehem?” read the desperate early morning whatsapp message from my Arab Israeli assistant, to which she had attached a menacing image of a black and white keffiyeh-clad Palestinian Arab swinging a smoking molotov cocktail. Following President Trump’s announcement of US recognition of Jerusalem […]

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Thank You David

By Marney Blom I clearly remember the day I first walked onto the brightly lit 100 Huntley Street set. It was early March 1993 and I was about to meet a man I had watched on TV since the 1970s.  Newly hired as the development producer of Crossroads Christian Communications (CCCI), I was on a tour of […]

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Israel: Taking time to remember

Life in Israel came to a stand-still in observance of Yom HaZikaron, the Israeli Memorial Day honouring the memory of fallen soldiers and civilians.

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When the Kings of the earth gather in Jerusalem

By Marney Blom Today marked an unprecedented day in history: the kings of the earth gathered in Jerusalem. Ninety foreign dignitaries representing 70 nations came to pay their final respects to the last of Israel’s founding fathers. 93-year-old Shimon Peres served as both prime minister and president of Israel, in a political career that spanned […]

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Jerusalem Day victory marches on …

By Marney Blom Late last week I attended a press briefing conducted by the Israeli police spokesperson, in preparation for the Jerusalem Day “Dance of the Flags” march.  New security measures were to be implemented in response to the clashes that had tarnished last year’s march.  Stone throwing by Arab Palestinians, and flared tempers by both […]

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God’s Messenger …

  By Marney Blom Early last week I received a communique confirming that I had been scheduled to meet with Rabbi Yehuda Glick, the founder and chairman of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation and an outspoken advocate for the rights of all faiths – not just Muslims – to pray on the Temple Mount.  Rabbi […]

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Say what?

By Marney Blom This morning I woke up in Jerusalem to the shocking news that the Liberal Party of Canada, which had been leading slightly in the polls, swept into power with a majority government in yesterday’s federal election. Canada’s prime minister of nine years Stephen Harper is out, and Justin Trudeau, the son of the […]

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An insult to intelligence …

By Marney Blom Yesterday I sat in a room of 50 journalists representing some of the largest global media organizations.  After brief presentations from Dr. Dore Gold, Israel’s Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Yuval Steinitz, Security Cabinet Member, and Ofir Gendelman, the PMO’s Spokesperson to the Arab Media, the floor was open […]

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Quiet …

By Marney Blom Yesterday’s endless shrill of police and ambulance sirens are gone.  Today the streets are quiet – almost eerily quiet.  The handful of Israelis who dared to take bus 78 into town this morning sat quietly.  Most are numb with the thought that yesterday’s casualties, ” … could’ve been me.” Only one incident […]

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They attacked my bus today …

By Marney Blom When I got on bus 78 this morning – sometimes taking the bus is faster than driving in Jerusalem – it was unusually packed with people.  It actually crossed my mind, “Terrorists would have a ‘hey day’ in this bus, with so many people cramped together – such easy targets.”   Because […]

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Life on the edge …

By Marney Blom Working at my desk in my office seventeen stories above the heart of Jerusalem, I was again distracted by the shrill of a continual stream of sirens.  The police force in Jerusalem are very busy these days. Word has just came in that an officer was stabbed on Ammunition hill – a community […]

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Nuclear Iran no match for God

  By Marney Blom The colourful yearly celebration of the Jewish festival of Purim is an auspicious reminder of an ancient time when Israel was rescued from certain annihilation.  Purim is the Biblical account of the story of Queen Esther – the beautiful young Jewish heroine and her uncle Mordecai who together helped save the […]

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Vive la France en Israël

By Marney Blom On Friday, January 9th terrorism struck France leaving journalists, law enforcement agents and innocent Jewish citizens the latest victims of radical Islam. Two days later, while attending my biweekly Hebrew class, I heard first hand the anguish felt by the French Jewish community.  Several of my Israeli classmates, former residents of Paris, […]

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Oy … why so many hills!

By Marney Blom As persecution of Christians in Muslim-dominated countries has come to the fore with the explosion of ISIS this year, in early December I decided to explore the difficulties facing Christians living in Jerusalem’s backyard – Bethlehem.  Although historically this land was ancient Israel as well as the birth place of Israel’s greatest […]

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Eyes in the Sky

By Marney Blom On Tuesday morning I awoke again to helicopters overhead and to the east of my residence in southern Jerusalem. “Not another terrorist attack in the capital!” I thought. Sadly, reports confirmed that Kehilat Yaakov Synagogue in Har Nof, Jerusalem had been attacked, leaving five Israelis dead and seven wounded. The hovering helicopters […]

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