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Acts News Network (ANN) is an independent news source launched in Canada in 2003.

Founded on the Judeo-Christian worldview, ANN features faith-based news stories from Israel, Canada, and the world. ANN stories are released in HD video, radio, MP4 and print format.

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About ANN Director Marney Blom

Blom has dodged Kassam rockets, interviewed heads of state and reported stories ranging from post-genocide Rwanda and war-torn Bosnia to the discovery of the earliest known Hebrew texts in Israel.

Blom begin her television career as a reporter/producer with Crossroads Christian Communications, Inc, (Ontario, Canada) in 1993. Since then she has traveled extensively throughout Canada, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East producing human-interest news features.

As a producer/reporter for ANN, Blom’s news stories have appeared on “It’s A New Day”, “NowTV”, “CBN News”, “Christian World News”, “TV7”, “Israel Vision” and “Mundo Cristiano”.

In September 2009 Blom directed and produced the highly acclaimed Canadian documentary film “From the River to the Ends of the Earth”, released in 230 locations across Canada.

Blom is currently based in Jerusalem where she works as a foreign correspondent for ANN.

Contributors to actsnewsnetwork.com

Daina Doucet – Senior Editor

Marney Blom – News Director

Steve Bryan — Writer and Web Technician

Vanessa O’Brien – Writer

Carrie Hart – Reporter

Alicia DesMarteau – Reporter/Writer

Tal Silver – Videographer/Video Editor

Ken Jansen – Graphic Design

Netanel Bar-David – Webmaster

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